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Trip to Stuttgart, Wilhelma Theatre 12-11-05
"A Cristmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

- unplugged - uncommented -

Ready to go?! We're in for a warm up... Oh my god - another picture! They still don't really know what's coming The Theatre Dome Don't disturb our fun time! No! Not me!!2 Keep cool... (and have a cup of Bombardino :-) Don't you think I'd pass as "Neo" for "Matrix IV"? "Do not disturb my circles!" Another circle ...and a third one. Well, OK, only a duett, actually... FLASH!!! Why am I so tired having only seen act one yet? Ooops...bad targeting... This one's got elated by the play! (or was it Johannes' brew?) Brothers in arms (litterally) Who's those girls? Well, I've no clue, really - ask those on the previous picture...!!! A kinkg upside down Aftermath on Cristmas Market OK, we're leaving. Maybe next year, same time, same place :-)